if you suspect file play in the

administration of a trust or a state I

mean the first thing is to actually seek

proof if there isn’t any proof and it’s

just hearsay that’s not good grounds to

bring a lawsuit on its own however if

you have uh significant evidence that

the estate is being misused or spent

down or there’s self-dealing involved

you can start a tedra action and this

will allow you to effectively subpoena

all the records the financial records

the various you know evidence before you

and put it before the court and have

them make a decision this could result

in the removal of a personal

representative or a trustee or it could

give you peace of mind knowing that oh

everything is on the on the level if you

suspect foul play in the administration

of a trust or in a probate then you

should contact an attorney immediately

who has the sufficient experience in

trust and estate dispute resolution to

see you through to the outcome you