Lynnwood Special Needs Trust Attorneys

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A typical estate plan will distribute your property to surviving loved ones and favorite charities. If your children are adults, you may choose to leave funds to them outright. If they are minor children, their funds may go into a trust with payouts at specified ages.

What if your child, spouse, or parent suffers from a severe mental or physical disability? What if the loved one is chronically ill and cannot manage his or her affairs? Contact us to schedule an appointment to have these questions answered by an experienced special needs attorney who can advise you of your legal options regarding these types of situations.

Our Special Needs Trust Services

The laws governing special needs trusts are varied and complex, and you may need the assistance of an attorney with experience in this area. At Hickman Menashe, P.S., our attorneys provide:

  • Education regarding special needs trusts
  • Outline of steps necessary to establish the special needs trust, drafting of appropriate documents, and help with the transfer of assets to the special needs trust
  • Assistance in the administration of the special needs trust

Contact Us

For a private consultation with an experienced attorney, contact our office by e-mail or call us at 425-744-5658. For client convenience, we have a second office in Bellevue. We offer flexible meeting times to accommodate your schedule. Home and hospital visits can be arranged, if necessary. Our offices are accessible to persons with disabilities.