We can’t predict or control the future, but we can plan for the inevitable. Incapacity planning and proper estate planning are among the most helpful things you can do for yourself and your family.… Read More

long term care

You should plan for your Long term care before the need arises. We encourage you to consider purchasing Long term care insurance. As with any insurance policy, the earlier you buy in, the lower the premium. … Read More

estate administration

When a resident of the state of Washington passes away, their estate must be administered and disposed of according to law. It is possible to arrange one’s affairs in a way that all assets have been disposed of before death, thus leaving no estate subject to probate. … Read More

special needs trusts

A typical estate plan will distribute your property to surviving loved ones and favorite charities. If your children are adults, you may choose to leave funds to them outright. … Read More


Sometimes life takes turns we do not anticipate. A debilitating stroke, an accident resulting in severe injuries, a money award to a minor, or any number of health, financial, or life circumstances may bring about a situation requiring the administration of another person’s affairs. … Read More