practicing in law is actually my second

career I spent almost a decade as a

restaurant tour and a restaurant manager

uh all through my 20s and then in my 30s

I decided to go back to school and so I

really feel that my years in the service

industry give me a a client first

attitude where I am actually here to be

a service to you and the client and

their needs always come

first the one piece of advice that I

give to clients is that they can’t

Overlook the value of closure when

you’re dealing with a probate or with a

civil litigation and there’s questions

of settlement closure has its own value

and being able to put your feelings

aside and put the issue behind you in

the best possible circumstance has its

own real value when dealing with a

difficult probate where family members

might be fighting or disagreeing and

there’s High emotions due to the loss of

a loved one it’s necessary to take a

step back and think logically about the

situation but also give value to the

fact that every person in this has high

emotional stakes and that can grant a

lot of mercy and lead to positive


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